350 historic documents arrive from Turkey

Around 350,000 historic documents dating from 1455 until the Declaration of Independence, the period during which Albania was under Ottoman rule, have arrived to Tirana from the Istanbul Central Archives. The digitized copies of these documents will now be part of the Albanian State Archives. The head of Archives, Ardit Bido, spoke about the importance of the Ottoman archives.

“Most of them belong to the 19th and 20th century. They document the main developments taking place in the territories inhabited by Albanians, the reforms, the Albanian uprisings, the measures to suppress them, religious, educational issues, and even the issue of writing the Albanian language “, said  the head of Archives.

“The oldest document dates back to February 8th, 1455 and is a register containing Albanian towns such as Prizren, Ioannina and Elbasan. There are documents that give an insight into the political and social developments of Albanians in the Ottoman Empire,” Bido said.

One of the documents concerns Ismail Qemali, the first Prime Minister after the declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire and this document is his CV.

Digital archives dating from the 15th century until the early years of the 20th century, when Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire, will soon be available for use by scholars and historians. TemA


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