Acts of violence against reporters, journalists announce Sunday protest

A protests organized by Albanian journalists will take place on Sunday, following recent cases of violence against reporters and photographers.

On Friday, the security guard of the Temporary General Prosecutor, Arta Marku, exercised physical violence against journalist Renaldo Salianji, as he approached the prosecutor for a question.

Meanwhile, a few days prior, the Mayor of the northern city of Puka, threatened to hang a journalist of the investigative TV show, “Fiks Fare.”

“The journalists’ community condemns these serious and unacceptable acts, that have recently occurred with media employees.

These actions undermine not only the physical integrity of journalists, but also the freedom of the media.

As a harsh reaction to the violence that threatens journalists, against the silence of the institutions responsible for condemning these acts, we decided to protest on Sunday from 16:00 to 17:00 before the General Prosecutor’s office.” Declare the journalists.


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