Albania is seeing a growth in medical tourism

In the recent years, Albania is seeing another kind of tourism. Besides its natural beauties and its cheap prices, Albania is also offering possibilities for medical tourism.

German portal says that “Medical tourism, which is a new kind of tourism, has been growing rapidly in the recent years. While some patients use it to prevent illnesses, for others it becomes a necessity for medical treatments”.

In the biggest international expo on tourism, ITB, which opened in Berlin, this kind of tourism attracted the attention of many visitors.

“Albania is still not very well-known for this sector, but we have the best doctors and the best hospitals”, said Anduela Çela of “Travel and Smile” to NEX24 inside the premises of this expo.

She says that people save up to 60% in dental treatment costs and aesthetic procedures compared to other European countries.

Besides dental treatments, many tour operators offer their customers the opportunity to travel to many attractive places that Albania has.

Competitive prices in this sector are attracting many patients from different European countries.



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