Albania marks Liberation Day

29 November marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Albania from Italian fascists and German Nazis.

During World War II, the Albanian National Liberation Army fought for the liberation of the country.

From 7 April 1939 until 29 November 1944, Albania was under the occupation of both Italy, and after its capitulation in the fall of 1943, the German Nazis.

At the end of November 1944, after the liberation of Tirana on November 17 and most of northern Albania, Shkodra was the only region which was still occupied.

Shkodra was liberated on 29 November 1944 and this also marks the date of the country’s liberation from Nazi Germany.

Albania is the first Balkan country which was liberated by its own forces, while all other Balkan states were liberated with the help of the Red Army.

Albanian politicians are divided on the date when the country was liberated, in spite of the fact that November 29 is the official date which marks this day.

Leftists recognize 28 November as Independence Day and 29 November as Liberation Day, while the rightists mark both of these days on November 28.

The debate on Liberation Day remains a heated debate in Albanian politics as right wing parties follow the same model they followed during their very first term in office, by changing this date from 29 November to 28 November by claiming the communist regime, which had ruled for almost half a century, had manipulated history. TemA


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