Albanian boy unites with his father after leaving refugee camp in Syria

Italian media have published photos of the much anticipated reunion between the Albanian boy, Alvin Berisha with his father. This marks the start of a new life for the 11 year old boy who was being kept in Al Hol refugee camp in Syria after the death of his mother.

This morning, the boy arrived in Rome, Italy, to unite with his father, Afrim Berisha who did everything he could to take his boy back.

Alvin Berisha was being kept in the Al Hol refugee camp in Syria, after he was taken by his mother who left his father and married another man.

The family had moved to Italy and while the father worked, the mother had established contacts through the internet with different imams in Pristina and Skopje, including ISIS fighters. In December 2014 she left Italy along with her son and went to Syria.

In Syria, she married an Albanian jihadist and had another child. But, the woman died along with her husband and the newly born child in an explosion, while Alvin remained seriously wounded and was kept for several months in the Al Hol camp in Syria. TemA


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