Albanian government revokes 17 power plant construction permits

The Albanian government has announced a drastic decision to revoke 17 power plant construction permits, which were issued throughout the years.

A senior government official says that a review of the way these contracts are implemented, reveals that there are also another nine cases involving breach of contract. Authorities will immediately take action by terminating the contract.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Hantin Bonati says that “authorities have started to terminate 17 contracts so far”.

He said that “all measures have been taken to address all the problems identified up until today and most of these problems relate to: failure to meet deadlines and failure to deliver legal criteria”.

The National Agency of Natural Resources has already completed the monitoring process and assessed the impact on the environment in coordination with other institutions such as Ministry of Tourism and Agency of the Agency for the Management of Water Resources.

The issue of small power plants, which were often allowed to be built in valleys and canyons, has turned into an environmental and social cause and has prompted a big debate in the country.

Different organizations, activists, artists, intellectuals, etc, have often requested the approval of moratoriums which would make it impossible for hydro power plants to be built in areas visited by tourists and they’ve often successed in this.


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