All flights to be cancelled at TIA

Starting from March 23, 2020, all flights to and from Tirana International Airport will be suspended until a second announcement, with only Air Albania continuing to fly to and from Istanbul.
The decision was taken from the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority on Saturday.

In the meantime, the Chief Executive Officer of Tirana International Airport, Constantin von Alvensleben said that “The airport remains open to all humanitarian flights, repatriation flights, cargo flights and any other flights that serve to alleviate and overcome this great challenge for us all,” while adding that passengers should contact the respective tour operators or airline companies for a refund of  cancelled flights.

So far, there are 79 infected people in Albania, two of whom died in Durrës and Lushnjë. But there is also good news as two patients were discharged from the hospital on Saturday after recovering fromthe  coronavirus.


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