Alliance for the Theatre holds demonstration

The Alliance for the Theatre has held another demonstration today in central Tirana to express its anger over the demolition of the National Theatre on Sunday.

Actor Neritan Liçaj called on people to join this protest and overthrow the government.

“My voice has remained on that stage and a part of me was calcified there. The best and the strongest part of me remained there. I call on all of those Albanians who are free to fly up high”, the actor said.

Analyst Fatos Lubonja has called for an inquiry into the demolition of the National Theatre and the resignation of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

“All the perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. We must constantly demand Erion Veliaj’s resignation until he leaves and until the prosecutor’s office investigates the violations committed by him”, Lubonja said.

Former Prime Minister Berisha has given an interview before participants in this protest where he called on people to rise and hold protests. He said Rama’s government has brought dictatorship.

“The theatre was a monument of culture and it should have never been touched. For all of those who know the history of Tirana, it was a precious symbol of the capital city”, the former PM said.

When asked what the opposition will do now, Berisha said:

“The demolition is a call for the opposition to turn this into civil disobedience and overthrow this narco-dictatorship”, former Prime Minister Berisha said.

At the end of the protest, actor and film director Edmond Budina has invited participants to observe a minute of silence in honour of the old building of the National Theatre.

“A minute of silence to reflect and then chant Long Live the Theatre, Long Live Democracy, Long Live Albania”, he appealed.

Meanwhile, the alliance announced that the next protest will be held on Wednesday. TemA


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