Alliance for the Theatre holds second demonstration

As it was announced two days ago, community of artists and the opposition organized a demonstration today in central Tirana following the demolition of the National Theatre and the government’s decision to build a new modern one.

Actor Neritan Liçaj, one of the fiercest opponents of the government’s project said that this cause is a patriotic and peaceful one.

“We want a normal country, just like the rest of Europe. I believe there is no better cause than the Theatre. Our cause has been patriotic, peaceful and civic.

We have named the theatre “the freedom square”. That’s because we told each other the truth there. I would like to see justice for this crime that was committed.

We are here to defend institutional rights. Justice is needed for this decimated soul. The Albanian world starts at the Theatre. Everything that has to do with me has to do with you as well, with everyone. I am proud to be Albanian, because we are a strong race. The theatre is a just cause and history will punish the Prime Minister “, actor Neritan Liçaj said.

Former democrat minister in the 2017 provisional government, Mirela Karabina said that members of the Tirana Municipal Council, who signed in favour of the decision to demolish the theatre, must be publicly humiliated.

According to her, these councillors are descendants of communists and called on people to humiliate them every time they seem them on the streets.

Journalist Alfred Lela was also present today at the second protest of the Alliance for the Theatre. In his address to the crowds of people which had gathered in front of the former Theatre, Lela said he has forgiven police for the violence used against him on the night the demolition took place, however, he said that he would never forgive the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister for this, by calling them cowards.

Throughout the course of the protest, participants called on the president of the country, Ilir Meta to dissolve parliament.

Let us recall that the head of the state has condemned the demolition of the National Theatre.

At the end of the protest, many participants along with the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha signed a petition for the reconstruction of the new Theatre.

Film director Robert Budina declared that as of this Friday, the petition will be taken in every town and city in the country to be signed by citizens.

Protesters have demanded a continuation of these protests. TemA


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