Ambassador Soreca explains the fund offered by EU

The EU ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca, held a live Q&A session today on Facebook.

During this session, ambassador Soreca clarified the nature of the 50 million Euros the European Union offered to Albania to fight the coronavirus emergency stating that “This is not a loan but a grant to Albania”.

The ambassador provided details on how the 50 million would be divided by saying that 35 million euros would go to support the economy and small business, 4 million euros to purchase of ventilators or protective gears for health workers, while 11 million euros will be paid for social protection.

Soreca added that the EU stands in solidarity with Albania in this difficult period.
The ambassador explained that funds for the earthquake would not be affected, and that these 50million euros will be used only for the battle against Covid-19.TemA


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