An opposition nervous from the lack of blood

If there is a common reaction from the opposition, following its protests, it has a nervousness, because of the police’s ability to disperse them, without violence or bloodshed.

During their first protest, on February 16th, they hoped for blood. They tried everything, from attacking the Prime Ministry’s entrance, destruction of institutions around it, but nobody touched them. The only tools, that the police used, were water and tear gas.

They repeated their actions for a second and a third time.

On Saturday, the whole situation became even more dangerous, since protesters broke the fence around the Parliament’s Building and surrounded the police officers, who were there to protect the public institution.

Again, they were dispersed through tear gas.

Now, the opposition’s reaction is focused at the water and tear gas, not because it could hurt them, but exactly for the opposite.

The journalist Fatos Lubonja says that a violence from police is needed, since pictures of police officers hitting protesters and opposition representatives, could journey around the world media.

Furthermore, according to him, violence and some blood would be even better. Not to mention what Sali Berisha dreams about, a possible death during the protests.

That would exalt him, since then he would not be anymore the only politician in Albania, who has murdered protesters.

Now, look what he does, sniffing for blood. He began commenting on Nikoll Lesi’s aggravation with police, while Berisha himself burnt Lesi’s newspaper headquarters and violated one of his journalists.

Then, he continues with the accident of the journalist, Mira Kazhani, a journalist, who is known for her stance against Berisha. Despite that, the ex-Prime Minister still considers her a victim of the government.

The only disturbing thing to the opposition, is that during all these weeks of protests, there has been no blood.

It seems to be the only goal, that Berisha has set to himself, following his decision of dragging the whole party after him, to forfeit their political mandates. He needs the blood and for that, he has declared as his enemy the tear gas and the water used by police.

The opposition now is crossing the Interior Minister, as if he was the only one who has taken such measures, to confront violent protesters.

The lack of blood, violence and victims that could be turned into heroes, has confused Sali Berisha and the whole opposition.

They are not complaining for their inability to overthrow Prime Minister Edi Rama, but why he is not killing anyone. For this reason, they continue to argue and curse the tear gas, the water and the Interior Minister for his calmness during the protests.

The lack of blood is the only thing that has caused a thirst at Sali Berisha.


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