Basha as a hostage to those he betrayed

By Mero Baze

The southern town of Ballshi is not known as a Democratic bastion. As a matter of fact, that whole region has historically leaned to the extreme left. It was only because the Socialists decided to give a free hand to the SMI during the 2015 elections, that the Democrats won the region.

Many might feel confused by seeing Lulzim Basha traveling to this lost small town where he has never stepped before.

The DP leader now has a bigger problem than the June 30th local elections. He needs to find a way to stop the arguments in his party from DP-s ex mayors, who feel betrayed after Basha promised them that there would be no elections on June 30th and that they did not need to run as independent or for a different political force.

Kapllanaj, who was Ballshi’s mayor as a result of the arguments between the Socialist Party and the SMI during the 2015 elections is one of them.

Lulzim Basha is now facing his failure of June 30th local elections. Considered as a traitor for sacrificing DP-s ex Mayors for his own interests, Basha now needs to appear in public as their guarantor.

His recent walk in Ballsh along with the ex-Democratic Mayor Agron Kapllanaj was a public humiliation to show the Democratic Party-s supporters in the small town who really failed them.

It seemed as if Basha was almost taken hostage, dragged in the town’s roads to support the ex-Mayor.

Naturally, this will not calm the betrayed mayors in other cities, but Basha needs to stop the first inner attacks against him. So, do not feel surprised if he begins to appear in other small towns too, promising that he has a new plan.

Obsessed with the idea that there might be a revolt against him, he is trying to come up with the excuse that the Democratic Party came even more united after the local elections or even to lie that the elections will be held again.

His main problem is to pass the remaining summer months without any inner conflict with DP’s ex-Mayors. For this reason, after a fight with the Balshi mayor, Basha decided to visit him in his town.

He will continue to appear in other cities and towns that were previously governed by Demcoratic mayors.

The man who lied them, by pretending to be their boss now has to appear as their servant for a while.

A few months after he might call them enemies. All Basha is worried about right now is the first months following the elections and for that, he is willing to turn into a hostage of DP’s lost mayors for them to drag him in their streets.


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