Basha reacts badly after the US Embassy’s statement

The head of the Albanian opposition did not quite welcome the statement of the US Embassy in Tirana, which has warned him not to cause riots in the country.

Lulzim Basha, leader of the largest opposition party that has abandoned the Parliament and has warned for a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s with the rhetoric of “overthrowing the government”, asked from the US Embassy to “not side with the government”.

Outraged by the US stance, the opposition leader made the statement after meeting with the Czech Foreign Minister.

“I do not ask for them to side with any person in Albania, with any political party, but I ask for them to side with the values for which they countries stand for; the values of democracy, free and fair elections, the fight against corruption, the fight against organized crime and narcotics, the fight against vote selling. Issues which were clearly noted in the US Department of State Report some days ago”.

Likewise, Basha added that tomorrow’s protest will be another opportunity for Albanians to join and raise their voices.

“This is what tomorrow’s protests will show and I have the conviction and information that it will enter in history as one of the largest protests to stop the evil and open the closed door of Europe. Together we will open it and by opening this door through European values, we will regain the prospects and opportunities for freedom, prosperity and development for every Albanian”, emphasized Basha.

Basha gave the statement to the media after a meeting with the Czech Foreign Minister, Tomáš Petříček.



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