Bundestag’s Rapporteur for Albania: I will launch a diplomatic mission in Albania, the government is responsible too

Christian Schmidt, the German Bundestag’s rapporteur for Albania, has undertaken to conduct a diplomatic mission in Albania to solve the political cramps between the government and the opposition.

In a statement for the German public radio, Mr. Schmidt said that the opposition cannot be the only one to be crucified.

“This is not normal. Parliament lives through debate. It is on the government to guarantee parliamentary co-operation,” said the former German minister for Deutsche Welle.

From the beginning of the year Schmidt is the rapporteur for Albania in the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Bundestag, one of the commissions that decides on the opening of EU negotiations.

He said that he soon plans to go to Albania himself to get informed on the situation.

“I particularly want to see how involved in the parliamentary procedures the opposition is,” he stressed.

Germany’s decision to open negotiations will depend on the Progress Report from the European Commission which is to be published on May 29th. But to give the final approval to the Council of EU on June 19, Germany will need to receive approval from the Bundestag.



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