Can a leader who has fractured his party unify citizens around him?

By Mero Baze

Lulzim Basha recently appeared irritated in public, regarding the two political offshoots of the Democratic Party. In his statement, he attacked the independent candidates, who have left the DP as well as the newly created party, the Democratic Conviction.

Now, I will not deal with Mr. Basha’s vocabulary and choice of words, since we cannot judge him, considering the pressure he is under.

In the last two months, not only he has not been able to gather more supporters around his party, but he has lost three political identities, which have left the DP.

First, it is the group of MPs, who were previously chosen cynically by Basha, who are now are coming back as a joke against his vision. The newest opposition in Albanian parliament is probably the most clear autopsy of the Democratic Party, revealing for the first time what it contained among its ranks.

Its second offshoot is the Democratic Conviction, which was formed by DP members, who were expelled by Mr. Basha, for standing against him.

In a very short time, they were able to create a party and be represented by candidates in 25 municipalities in the coming local elections.

Meanwhile, the third entity are the independent candidates, who were previously DP officials and MPs.

Now, for a politician claiming to be uniting the Albanian citizens, one should be able to prove that they can reach agreements even if with those, who might have different stances.

But, in his speech, Basha was ready to throw his “Molotv Bombs” against the inner enemies of his party, who have entered the parliament against his decision.

If in a single month he was able to divide the Democratic Party into four different political identities through his decision, how can he bring the Albanians together?

He is leading the Democratic Party outside the Parliament, while in Parliament there is an offshoot of his MPs, the Democratic Conviction is running for local elections, not to mention then, the independent candidates.

The unification of Albanian citizens around a political party is not really mission. Communist dictatorship tried that and failed. In a democracy, the citizens can never unite around a single party or political leader. That is unnecessary. The citizens will unite around certain democratic values, such as free elections, parliamentary life, a justice system and press freedom.

A man who does not abide to these values, who rejects to run in elections, threatens the press and is afraid of the justice, might be able to gather only a group of thugs around him, but not the citizens of a democratic country.

Lulzim Basha could have passed this issue by leaving the door open for those who opposed him to return in his party, as well as apologizing regarding the violence in his protests.

Since he cannot even keep quiet shows that he is the Democratic Party’s real problem and the reason of its division. As for the unification of Albanians, we cannot blame him because as we all know, nobody takes him that seriously.



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