Coronavirus: PM warns a difficult week ahead

Prime Minister Edi Rama has sent out a message for every citizen of the country today given the mounting numbers of new coronavirus cases in the country and the recent cases of deaths caused by this virus.

“All of us must do our best to reduce save as many lives as possible and reduce the suffering this enemy is causing us. Resistance, Resistance, Resistance.” said Rama in a video message posted on social media.

Meanwhile the PM said that this was going to be a difficult week and that many new cases are expected.

The PM asked people to remain in their homes and not leave unless for necessities.

“Don’t play with fire. We will lose people, I do not know how many, no one nowhere knows, but we must be patient. Keep at least one meter of distance with each-other.  Those who thought that this war would pass without loss of life were wrong. The virus will affect each of us, no matter what we do. Everything we do is very important. We have to come out of this war with our heads up, not counting the hundreds of thousands of dead”, the PM said.

Meanwhile, authorities in the country reported 15 new cases of coronavirus patients today bringing the total number to 114, while the number of deaths stands at 4.

In the meantime, the government has imposed a lockdown in every city of the country in a bid to reduce the movement of people as much as possible and slow down the spread of the virus. TemA


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