Czech Foreign minister promises the vote of his country for the opening of accession talks

Foreign minister of Czech Republic, Tomáš Petříček, who is on an official visit to Albania, has promised the vote of his country, but he has also vowed to lobby in countries of Central Europe in order for Albania to launch accession talks with the European Union.

This was announced today in a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the meeting that Albanian acting Foreign minister, Gent Cakaj had with his Czech counterpart.

The head of Albanian diplomacy praised the role of the Czech Republic within the Visegrad group, which is currently chaired by Slovakia under the motto: “Dynamic Visegrad for Europe”, and also the support that Czech Republic has given for the Western Balkan Fund.

On his part, minister Petříček has praised the steps taken by the Albanian government to open accession talks in June 2019.

Minister Petříček also confirmed that the Czech Republic is ready to lobby in order for Albania to achieve this.

The two senior officials confirmed that the advancement of Albania and North Macedonia in their integration process is a positive signal for the region, but for the security of the EU as well.

The Czech Foreign minister has visited Albania after holding a visit to North Macedonia, where he also offered his support for the opening of negotiations.

North Macedonia and Albania are expected to be discussed as a package during the meeting that EU foreign ministers will hold in June.



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