Democrat leader promises growth in the tourism industry

Leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha had a meeting today with representatives of the tourism industry to talk to them about this party’s programme ahead of the elections and how this party is planning on improving the situation in this sector.

The democrat leader explained the effects that this programme will have on tourism after the April 25 elections.

“Many of your proposals during the meetings we’ve had together during the last year and a half have been reflected on this plan. Of course, tourism occupies a special place on our programme for the simple reason that it’s a national priority in boosting economic growth and creating new jobs,” the democrat leader said.

According to him, in the next four years, this industry will grow from 8 to 10%, while the number of tourists will go up 15% a year. The democrat leader said that the 6% VAT will apply for all tour operators, adding that this along with this, the government will also provide a strong financial support. TemA


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