Democrat leader says the country is facing the worst economic crisis

Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha declared today that the country is facing the worst economic crisis in the region as a result of the government’s failures. According to him, the number of people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic is the highest in the region, while the financial aid that the government has offered is the smallest.

“And this is the reason why today, our country is suffering the deepest economic crisis in the region while every other country has been successful in coping with the effects of the crisis,” the democrat leader said.

According to the democrat chairman, in the past eight years, the only thing the government had done is increase taxes. According to him, 97% of Albanian people pay more taxes.

“Instead of spending these taxes on services and investments, he has given these funds to a handful of oligarchs. He cannot cover his failure by blaming anyone, including the European Union,” he said.

Basha has expressed his gratitude for the assistance the European Union has provided for the Albanian healthcare system. Meanwhile, the opposition leader has called on people to oust the PM, adding that the DP has a plan for the country’s economic recovery. TemA


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