Democrat leader vows to improve business climate

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has presented his party’s programme on businesses and the fight against corruption.

According to the democrat leader, once this party comes into power, Albania will be among the top 30 countries of the Doing Business ranking.

As far as the fight against corruption is concerned, Basha said that tax inspectors will not be allowed to issue fines to businesses for a period of a year, while the number of audits to businesses will be reduced significantly.

“These are not empty promises, they represent concrete plans. Everything has been planned in detail. A prime minister who does not keep his promises, is not entitled to request another term in office,” the democrat leader said.

“Albania is currently positioned 82nd in the Doing Business ranking and our goal is to place the country among the top 30 countries of this ranking,” Basha added. TemA


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