Documentary on women persecuted during communism

The communist regime in Albania didn’t even spare women and children. Around 450 women were executed and 7,367 were imprisoned for political motives during the period the country was ruled by communist dictator Enver Hoxha. Meanwhile, women and children are among those 7,022 people who died in internment.  These data are part of a documentary called “The woman during dictatorship” realized by human rights activist, Mimoza Dajçi.

She says that the documentary, which has been realized during the pandemic and in difficult conditions, honours the life and work of those women and children who suffered as a result of the injustices of communism. The activist, who has been living in the US for many years, says those who survived communism have not been given the place they deserve in the Albanian society.

The documentary “The woman during dictatorship” also includes stories of women murdered and raped during the war in Kosovo and the victims of persecution in other countries where Albanians live.


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