DP’s double standards: The party doesn’t expel the new MP, about to accept his mandate

Following the decision of some opposition MPs to enter the parliament, in order to fill the vacancies, the Democratic Party has attacked them, accusing for corruption and drug trafficking, while at the end expelling from the party those who are accepting their mandates.

One of the MPs, who seems to have also the support of the US, EU and the International Community is Rudina Hajdari, the daughter of one of the DP’s founder, the late Azem Hajdari, who is well known also as the leader of students’ demonstration against the communist regime of the 1990.

Earlier this week, as she declared that she is going to accept her mandate, the DP group decided to expel her from the party, but now they are bringing up double standards.

While Hajdari was expelled from the party for her decision, another Democratic MP who has just accepted his mandate, Alban Zeneli is still sitting in Parliament and there has been no measures taken against him.

Zeneli’s decision to accept the mandate hasn’t been followed by the same campaign of smearing and political attacks that have targeted the rest of the MPs, who stood against the Democratic Party’s decision to abandon parliament.

Until now, there have been no statements or explanation from the Democratic Party about their decision not to expel the new MP.


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