Durrës, the reference port for Kosovo businesses

The port of Durrës is increasingly becoming an important harbor for the supply of the region countries but first of all, of Kosovo.

Kosovo’s businesses are looking at Durrës as the reference port of import and export of goods.

Just the last two days, eight commercial vessels and two other Ro-Ro ships have transported different transit goods, after that they were processed on the port of Durrës and continued their journey on vehicles towards Kosovo.

From the operational data in the Durrës Port Authority, it is made known that since the beginning of this year at the port of Durrës, about 46 thousand tons of goods like wheat, cans, white cement or glass, were offloaded, which then continued the journey northward, mainly on trucks with Kosovo license plates.

Goods ordered by Kosovar wholesale dealers have been unloaded by trading ships in the largest port of our country, and then are transported by vehicles to Prishtina, Rahovec, Gjilan, Ferizaj or Suhareka


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