Enough with the fireworks, even they are tired

By Pellumb Kulla

I do not thing you can find another country like Albania in the whole world. Since the day I was born, until today, fireworks keep exploding.

A blessed country, really with never ending holidays and one victory after the other.

It would be hard to open the calendar and find a random day without a victory.

Thirty years ago, the fireworks and the celebrations were more simple and understandable, while now they have doubled. Different sides, opposite to each other, celebrate at the same night and the fire of celebration shines over the world.

In Albania, like nowhere else, elections can have two winners at the same time. One side celebrates in the governmental offices, while the other in the streets. One takes the power, while the other celebrates that the majority of the people voted for them, even though they cannot govern the country, since their votes were stolen.

It always happens in each election and every race. A word from a referee could be needed, but we hate it when it does not support us.

In music festivals, even the losing singers celebrate with the winner.

In soccer, we are coming to a conclusion, that we might not even need referees, while they leave the pitch banded and covered in blood and both teams believe in their winning, despite the result. The result is the least important thing in Albania.

For three month now, I have been picturing Edi Rama coming out of the Lana river, where after being dragged around, his political opponents have thrown him, not listening to the president’s requests for love and peace. But, considering the respect they have for him, they bring up the promises that they have made to the crowd.

Yesterday’s celebration was also a victory. Mr. Basha tried to announce the overthrowing of the PM, this time at night time, since he had already pointlessly tried during the day, and the protest could not end without another winning.

“Today, the people signed Rama’s overthrowing. He is not our Prime Minister anymore,” Basha announced with a hoarse voice.

The exhausted crowd, gathering from all the corner of the country, hoorayed him, even though they knew it was a lie.

But, words can light your soul and fireworks lit the capital’s sky again.


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