EU negotiations: Ilir Meta’s joking and DP’s desperation

By Mero Baze

Ilir Meta is clearly angry with the Democratic Party. Even though he is aware that, if the opposition heads to the October 13th elections it will question Lulzim Basha’s eligibility as a leader rather than questioning that of Meta’s himself, still he insists. It is rather a meaningless insisting to ask Lulzim Basha to head into elections in October when he refused doing it in June, while nothing except the weather will have changed.

It is not the months that are stopping Lulzim Basha, but the fact that his radical movement failed and he cannot step back if he is not guaranteed that his predecessor, Sali Berisha will be untouched.

As it is obvious, Berisha pretends not to be paying attention to Basha nor to Meta as he focuses on the “digital citizen.”

What is even more ridiculous is that Meta is reminding the Democratic Party that if they do not participate in elections on October 13th, the EU negotiations for Albania might be halted. DP is already aware that the negotiations will not be opened considering the crisis that they themselves have caused. It is actually getting clear now that, if the negotiations do fail it will be because of the opposition’s inner crisis.

This is Lulzim Basha’s only trophy. He might be outside the Parliament and every sphere of political power, but he managed to drag the whole country away from any chance of EU negotiations.

Begging to him to run in the October 13th elections as that is the only way for the opening of EU negotiations, it would be like begging him to never take part in elections. It is clear that, even if these possible elections were valid and any of Basha’s conditions were met, he still would boycott them only halt the negotiations process.

He ahs been fighting this battle for three years and has achieved somewhat of a success, which he cannot sell cheaply now.

So, it would be better if Meta saved us the reasoning why the DP should run in elections in October as for the DP itself it is the main reason not to run any elections ever.

It would be more honest if he asked them to run in elections to make it look that, at least the opposition takes the President seriously. That is even a real issue for Ilir Meta as neither him nor Lulzim Basha really care for the opening of th EU negotiations. They have been collaborating to stop that for a long time. At least let’s not fight about the merits on that.


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