From Bruges, Belgium to the town of Lezha, Albania; a guide to Europe’s up-and-coming foodie destinations

European capitals and big cities are famous for their food delights, but according to a recent article by the British tabloid, Daily Mail, there is a vast array of smaller and less known cities that can offer a lot more in the food scene and much cheaper. Among them, Daily Mail lists the town of Lezhe in northern Albania as a “host of gems off the beaten track just waiting to be discovered.”

Counter Revolution

Under Albania’s communist strongman Enver Hoxha, food was rationed and cookbooks were burned. Now a generation of young chefs returning from the West are reviving and modernising Albanian cuisine. A number of them are based in Lezhe, 37 miles north of the capital Tirana, where farm-to-table restaurants serve the most updated traditional cuisine in the country.

The British tabloid lists the Albanian town among other small European cities such as Bruges in Belgium, Syracuse in Sicily and Porto in Portugal, as well as other European towns.

All these cities and towns offer a culinary adventure to the tourists willing to go off the beaten track during their trips in Europe.


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