German delegation comments recent political developments in Albania

Representatives of the German delegation which is visiting Tirana declared in a news conference that the Balkan Peninsula and Albania is part of Europe and as such, it must be part of the union.

“Albania and the entire region must be part of the EU”, declared Josip Juratovic, one of the members of the German delegation.

Meanwhile, he also commented the political situation in Albania stressing that the constitution dictates the date when elections are held.

“These are domestic issues. This country has a constitution and the constitution is a country’s foundation stone. Elections represent competition between political parties. Each party is entitled to participate or not and then voters decide whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

The current situation will play a key role in the Council’s decision. Not all EU member countries are enthusiastic about the union’s enlargement. Those who prevent the integration process prevent those who believe in democratic values”, said Josip Juratovic.



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