Govt in Kosovo falls

Government of Kosovo has fallen following the voting of a no confidence motion pushed through by the junior coaliton partner, LDK.

The row between LDK and Self Determination Movement was triggered by the removal of interior minister Agim Veliu, who came from the ranks of LDK. Veliu was removed for not being in line with the government’s policy of dealing with the coronavirus crisis in the country. LDK was not happy about the fact that PM Albin Kurti did not hold consultations with this party before going ahead with the decision to remove the minister.

Relations with the US and the way PM Kurti handled relations with Serbia by not completely scrapping the 100 percent tax imposed on Serbia’s imports, also played a major role in pushing through a vote of no confidence, which in the end was backed by the majority of MPs.

Now, PM Kurti must either try to form a new government or call an early election, after being in power for just two months. TemA



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