Gov’t in Kosovo to assist different sectors of economy

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti has announced the way the government will allocate the funds which are part of the economic recovery programme.

At a news conference,  Kosovo’s PM said the government will assist small businesses, restaurants and hotels, local government and it will increase pensions.

“6,5 million euros will be allocated for self-employed people and small businesses. We have allocated five million euros to support the education system at a time when the learning process is taking place in special circumstances. We will also allocate 2,5 million euros for the Ministry of Culture and Sport,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PM also said that 50 million euros will be spent on the healthcare system, 40 of which will be used to buy the vaccine against coronavirus and 10 million euros will be spent on equipment.  According to the PM, local government will receive seven million euros to cope with the pandemic. TemA


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