Greeks head to the polls

A month after left wing ruling party, Syriza suffered a big defeat in the European Parliament elections and in the country’s mayoral elections, around 10 million Greeks are heading to the polls this Sunday to elect their 300 representatives in parliament.

PM Alexis Tsipras, who came to power in 2015, reacted after his party’s defeat by declaring a snap poll.

In the last rally of the pre-election campaign held on Friday, Tsipras tried to warn voters about what was at stake in these elections, stressing that the New Democracy Party must not be trusted.

“We must not give the treasury keys to those who bankrupted the country. We will not allow those who ruined the country to be in power once again. Greek people have been called on Sunday not only to vote, but also to prevent a big crime against future generations”, Tsipras told his supporters in Athens on Friday.

This is the sixth election that Greece holds since the 2008 world financial crisis, which had serious consequences for the country. 20 political parties will participate in these elections  and New Democracy Party lead by Kyriakos Mitsotakis leads opinion polls.

For Mitsotakis, Sunday’s elections will mark a new chapter for the history of the country. In a speech in front of his supporters, he vowed that he would revive middle class, which according to him, has been ruined by Syriza and its economic policies. TemA


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