Head of central bank says country’s economic trends remain positive

Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko had a meeting with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), led by Zsuzsanna Hargitai, regional director for Western Balkans and Matteo Colangeli, EBRD’s representative to Albania.

During the course of this meeting, Sejko stressed the positive role that EBRD’s programmes have played in the development of the financial system and the strengthening of the Bank of Albania’s institutional capacities.

The governor briefed the delegation on the main economic and financial developments in the country, while stressing that despite fluctuations in particular sectors, economic development in the country continues to preserve a positive trend, ensuring growth in employment and a growing trend of internal inflationist pressures.

He said that these developments have reflected the positive effects of the bank’s stimulating monetary policy and the effects of different incentives that the Bank of Albania has launched with the aim of reducing NPLs, improving lending and the regulatory framework. TemA


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