How US should not behave towards Hajdari and Berisha?

By Mero Baze

Sali Berisha’s decision to withdraw the opposition from the Parliament came right after the public humiliation that he and his close family circle had to suffer, regarding the ban on traveling to USA as well as his inability to obstruct the creation of the new justice institutions. Clearly not political, the reasons that pushed him to such an extreme decision still puzzle the Western diplomats. The first reason that they bring up is the personal insecurities of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta.

But, could Berisha’s anger have been avoided and consequently his decision to drag the opposition towards his own downfall?

What happened with Berisha regarding the denial of US visas for him and his family was wrong. It was a mistake because he was treated as many other unwanted media owners, businessmen, officials or individuals punished for corruption.

Sali Berisha has a high political profile and if he is to be put in such a circle, he must be in its higher ranks, thus his punishment must be public, otherwise it would probably just cause even more trouble.

It doesn’t make sense that an ex-President and ex-Prime Minister is punished equally as a random couple of singers, who are suspected for doing business in United States with untaxed money. Sali Berisha is an important political figure and the stance against him needs to be clear and public, not leaving any space for speculations.

In the actual situation, there is a negative reaction from Berisha towards the humiliating campaign against him, but there is no public punishment against him, which would coerce the Democrats to choose between him and the United States. The Democratic Party has a pro-US electorate and apart from the aggressive militants, the rest can differentiate between the United States and an old man who is holding the party hostage.

The same goes for the US supported elements inside the DP. For example, let’s take Rudina Hajdari, who clearly has an American counsel behind her decisions as a way of testing a young politician in the battle against her own party.

Hajdari has worked as an assistant of the Congressman Elliot Engel, who now leads the Foreign Policy Commission in the US Congress. Despite being politically powerful and relying on reality, Hajdari’s gesture to go against her own party has left quite a few suspicions among the democrats, which is why the support towards her must be clear and open.

The vacuum left in such occasions is usually filled with speculations and fake news, which instead of stating the truth about opposition’s radical act, only excuse it by considering her act as a betrayal against the DP.

Hajdari is making her own history in the Democratic Party and we don’t need to compare her with her father. The DP actually harms itself more by pretending to love her late father, Azem Hajdari, than by honestly showing their hate against the daughter.

Returning to the punishment, as well Berisha in the US’ list should have been also the name of the ex-General Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla, who followed his orders. Meanwhile, Hajdari in the support that is getting from the US must be above the Voice of America’s level and at the same line of critics as the American government against the opposition’s leadership.

That is because the United States are a strong litmus, on differentiating the gang and the pro-American electorate inside the DP. If the situation remains unclear and foggy, Berisha is a survivor wolf who can easily swallow lone beings, such as Rudina Hajdari.


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