Hungarian blogs take more interest in Albania

While Albanians use Hungary as a frequent holiday destination, especially after the introduction of low cost airlines from Tirana to Budapest, Hungarians too have expressed a growing interest on Albania.

Gabriella Sovago, a well-known Hungarian travel blogger, writes that “Albania is an underrated treasure box in the Balkan”.

The Feeling Remains writes amongst others that “When I started to plan my Albanian trip I was forewarned by so many people who wanted to prepare me that Albania is like Hungary 50 years ago. Communism. Trash. Not caring people. So I didn’t have huge expectations when I arrived.

I finally ended up being in Albania for almost 2 months because this place is insane and the people here are just genuinely kind and helpful! Plus Albania is so breathtakingly beautiful!

 This place became one of my favourite countries and it is a place where I will go back for sure.

Experience it yourself before others would realize how magical and untouched place it is.”



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