Ilir Meta’s and Sali Berisha’s arrogant approach towards the West

By Mero Baze

The President Ilir Meta appeared recently in front of journalists, clarifying that despite the US and EU’s call, he will not step back from his decision of canceling the elections until the opposition reaches a compromise. Satirizing the US, EU and OSCE’s statements, the President said that, if they want to have such elections, they can attempt at having them in a country like North Korea and not Albania.

Ilir Meta’s and Sali Berisha’s paranoia from the West is rooted at the Justice System Reform. They are obsessed that there is an international conspiracy against them, which begins with the Justice System Reform. A reform that threatens their power and dark past. As the reform reaches completion, Meta and Berisha have chosen to destabilize the country politically as their only way out, proclaiming themselves as savors of Albania’s sovereignty from the West.

Following his previous appearance, during which he declared the cancelation of elections, now the President is trying to act as independent towards the “major powers.

Cynically stating that Albania does not need European jurists, nor diplomats, Meta is moving towards his delusion that, if he appears as a nationalist leader he will become more popular among citizens, which is an even bigger misunderstanding.

Albanian citizens are not worried of losing their sovereignty from integrating in the EU as that is something we have chosen to hand to the European Union. What they are concerned is the amount of obstacles that they are facing in their way of integration.

The real drama in this situation is that, while Albania is trying to become part of EU, it faces the obstacles of politicians as Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha.

Meta’s and Berisha’s real issue is the involvement of the EU and US in the Justice System Reform. This way, they are trying to push them out of Albania to have them from controlling the Reform.

Only the Talebans in Afghanistan have tried to stop the citizens from voting. Even Serbia allowed Kosovo to vote from 1990-1999, despite being enemies at war.

Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha have turned themselves into political terrorists and that is the only mark they will be able to leave in Albania’s political history.

Berisha destabilized the 1996 elections, while Meta stole votes through violence in 2001. They have done so, while being opponents in the past, but now have come together to stop Albanians from voting.

But, trying to control the situations in Albania while standing against the West, they are actually posing themselves against the citizens’ interests.

If Albanians have faith in the Justice System Reform, that is because of the US’ and EU’s involvement in it. They are not as interested in considering Ilir Meta as a nationalist leader. They have never given him the chance through their votes to lead them, even though through his bargains he has managed to become the president.

Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta might feel safe if they turn Albania into a cave, to hide from the West, but Albanian’s will not feel safe in their shelter.

The day we will find ourselves in Meta’s and Berisha’s hands, the two-headed eagle will resemble more to a two-headed snake. Now, there might be a lot of us who in fear will try run away, but enough will remain willing to cut those heads down.


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