Ilir Meta’s attempt of suspending the completion of the Constitutional Court.

By Mero Baze

The President has recently launched a new battle, at first sight only procedural, against the completion of the Constitutional Court. He has refused decreeing one of the members of the Constitutional court, claiming that he is going to suspend the process as well as the constitutional schedule as he will be decreeing his own member as soon as the Parliament fills the vacancy.

The refusal is actually a clear and repeated scheme, similar to the cancelation of the June 30th local elections.

Since that, according to the constitution, Arta Vorpsi has been appointed automatically as a member of the Constitutional Court following the President’s refusal, Ilir Meta is now trying to nullify the implementation of the law.

According to the constitution, the order of declaring vacancies in the Constitutional Court goes first through the President, the Parliament and the Supreme Court. Ilir Meta has already declared his vacancy and it is not his turn anymore to decide the filling of vacancies.

The President’s time to declare his vacancy ends after thirty days. Since Ilir Meta has not appointed the new member of the Constitutional Court, it is the constitution which appoints the first candidate from the list.

The President’s tricks regarding the order of filling the vacancies are only attempts to suspend the Constitutional Court and produce absurd legal acts such as the cancelation of elections.

But, the completion of the Constitutional Court is the crucial step which brings the institutional crisis to normality in Albania. The Constitutional Court is waiting to confirm the future of the President and to guarantee that the country can head into elections after what Ilir Meta did in the last local elections.

The President’s struggle to set procedural traps against the constitution is nothing more than a repetition of what happened with the June 30th local elections, which he canceled to hold the country into a permanent constitutional crisis with the final aim of avoiding his impeachement.


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