Increased violence during the protest, Interior Minister accuses opposition

Albania’s Interior Minister, Sander Lleshaj held a press conference, following opposition’s protest.

In his statement, the Minister accused opposition for increased violence, while adding that this shows the desperation of the organizers, whom he accused of an attack plan on the institutions.

“There was increased violence, which shows the organizers’ desperation. The protest last night was relocated to parliament, creating serious consequences and including citizens unrelated to the protest, hence bringing even more damage. The organizers had taken no security measures, but they had drafted ab assault plan to use violence against constitutional institutions. During the protest, there were open anti-constitutional invitations for violence and revolution,” Mr. Lleshaj said.

The minister added that, a prohibited arsenal of dangerous explosive items was used during the protest, causing great damage.

On Saturday, Albanian opposition held their ninth protest against the government. The crowd first gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s building, throwing stones and black ink in its walls.

Following the DP leader, Lulzim Basha’s word, the protesters turned to violence and clashes with police, also storming the Prime Ministry’s front door, but not entering it.

Later, the protesters regrouped in front of Parliament’s building, where the violence increased even more, as protesters broke the police cordon and tried to enter the parliament building, but failed and dispersed after police used tear gas.

Five police officers ended in hospital because of wounds and burnings caused from firecrackers and Molotov bombs, thrown by protesters.


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