Klosi: The new law on tourism incentivizes the growth of employment in this sector

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, has stated that the new law on the tourism sector opens up more opportunities to hire more young people in the sector, even those with disabilities.

“This law makes us reflect on the real opportunities we have to realize the 10 million tourists challenge in our country. 

The promotion of employment for young people from vocational schools in the labor market makes us reflect on how much we need to develop a real business in boosting employment in tourism.

 Each tourism sector needs qualified workers but cannot advance if we do not have real policies on vocational education at all levels,” Klosi said.

The government hopes that the increased interest to visit Albania during the touristic season can add the number of jobs in the investment in the field.

Meanwhile, the government has lifted taxes for the companies that build 5 star hotels, in order to increase the motivation and the interest of operators.


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