Kosovo filmmaker and Arbëresh author bring new play to the stage

Filmmaker Lind Berisha is bringing a new play to Kaçanik, in Kosovo. In collaboration with the Arbëresh author, Mario Caliva, who lives in Italy, he has been working on a new play called ‘The Hijacker’, a play that residents of Kaçanik will soon be able to enjoy.

The playwright is Arbëresh author Mario Calivà and the play has been directed by Lind Berisha, who will also play the role of the hijacker, while the other roles will be played by: Donald Bajramaliu, Erona Krasniqi, Rinor Kuçi, and Enes Idrizi.
Speaking to Syri.net, Berisha didn’t want to reveal any details regarding the show besides the fact that it is a drama concealing a great mystery.


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