Kosovo to repatriate 100 people from Syrian camps

Authorities in Kosovo are making the final preparations to repatriate one hundred nationals from this country from Syria. This fact was confirmed to Radio Free Europe by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ekrem Mustafa.

“I can’t talk about the details. But right now we are holding talks with Turkish authorities to find out if any of those who have been in the Syrian camps have moved to the Turkish part. An approximate number is known, but this number is not large now as we have already brought 110 people to Kosovo,” says Mustafa.

Minister Mustafa said that institutions have information on the individuals who are in Syria and are expected to return to Kosovo. According to him, there are more fighters in this group than in the first one who were brought in April, from which only four fighters returned to Kosovo.

The return of 110 Kosovars in April was made possible through the assistance provided by the United States of America.

Authorities in Kosovo are coordinating this operation with the US authorities,but Minister Mustafa was not eager to provide further information on the timing and manner of the operation.

“Just like the past one. It means that we assume responsibility for integrating, transferring, holding them for 72 hours, moving them to their place of residence. If there are people who do not have a permanent residence, for example with family members or elsewhere, we will also arrange a permanent residence for them. There is a special fund allocated only for this issue,” Mustafa says.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2012, around 400 citizens from Kosovo, including men, women and children have traveled to Syria and Iraq.

More than 70 Kosovars were killed fighting alongside terrorist organizations, namely the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Those who managed to return to Kosovo faced trial. Some of whom are serving  sentences, while the 32 women who were repatriated in April remain under investigation. TemA


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