Kosovo’s Kurti says he’s not underestimating dialogue with Serbia

The chairman of Vetëvendosje, Albin Kurti, whose party won the general elections in Kosovo, gave an interview for the Voice of America, Albanian service, where he spoke about the new government and his programme.

Kurti was asked to comment on the process of dialogue with Serbia, following his statements that this process is not a priority for him.

The leader of Vetëvendosje said that he’s not avoiding dialogue, but economic development, employment and dealing with the pandemic are the main things that concern citizens of Kosovo at the moment.

“We do not want to avoid dialogue or underestimate its importance, but we believe citizens of Kosovo have elected us to bring justice, create new jobs and deal with the pandemic,” Kurti told VoA.

According to recent statements made by the chairman of Vetëvendosje, Albin Kurti, the process of dialogue with Serbia will not be a priority of his government; however, both the EU and US have urged the leader of the winning party to consider this as a top priority. TemA


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