Lajcak: Washington agreement did not assist Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

EU special envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak says Serbia and Kosovo have European aspirations. According to him, the EU has made it clear that it wants to see a normalisation of ties between the two countries and that this is what all member countries expect to see.

According to the EU official, the agreement that the two countries signed in Washington under Trump’s administration did not damage the process of dialogue, but it didn’t help a lot either.

Lajcak said in an interview for European Western Balkans that he expects dialogue between the two countries to resume as soon as the government of Kosovo is formed.

“We are ready to do our job, but the two sides decide how quick an agreement is reached. If they’re willing to meet in Brussels each week, then we’re ready to meet with them each week. If they want to meet once in three months, we cannot force them to do otherwise,” Lajcak said. TemA


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