Local observers, calls on the majority and opposition: Change the Electoral Code, have acceptable elections

The Local Observers Coalition (KVV), a civil society group that has worked with elections for 15 years, has called on political parties to come to a close with the electoral reform.

In a media announcement, the KVV asks for the Electoral Reform Commission to start working, making basic issues transparent.

“The two respective leaders of the majority, Mr. Rama, and of the opposition, Mr. Basha, must use all the democratic instruments and mechanisms, by contributing with full responsibility and prudence, to the correctly orientate the spirit of co-operation of all parties and as many political actors as possible in the realization of the Electoral Reform at the proper time,” is said in the KVV announcement.
KVV says that it calls on the Commission and concretely on the new co-chair of this commission, Damian Gjiknuri, to fill in the number of new members in this commission after the deadlock created by the forfeiture of mandates from the opposition.

“To clarify the public opinion as soon as possible on who and how the DP representative will be with the observer status in this commission. To immediately introduce the group of experts involved as well as to further clarify on how will be proceeded with the draft law submitted to the Assembly of the Republic of Albania”, is said in the notification.
Also, the Local Observers Coalition requires the political parties to not neglect the legal deadlines as it has done so far, since this shows lack of accountability.


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