Lockdown is the last option, says deputy health minister

Albania is going through a difficult situation caused by the spread of Covid-19. An average of one thousand infections are reported each day, while tens of other infections are not recorded. Meanwhile, the number of deaths continues to go up, while the number of hospital admissions is soaring.

According to deputy minister of health, Eugena Tomini, the high incidence rate is also confirmed by the fact that the number of people requiring hospital treatment is going up.

The deputy minister says a full lockdown is the last option that the government has; this is why she urges the public to adhere to the measures.

“The full lockdown will be the last option that the government has. We need to show responsibility in adhering to the measures,” she said.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister also says that the committee of experts is expected to review the current measures on 25 February. TemA


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