Macron’s MPs visit Tirana ahead of a decision on accession talks

A group of French MPs from president Emanuel Macron’s party has arrived in Tirana to make an assessment of the situation ahead of the decision whether to open accession talks between Albania and EU or not.

Jacques Maire and Liliana Tanguy, who belong to La Republique en Marche political formation, were received by the Albanian Socialist Party whip, Taulant Balla and MP Blerina Gjylameti.

In a joint press conference, the Albanian parliamentarian, Balla said that “France is one of the most important EU member countries which strongly supports the process of enlargement and the accession of Western Balkan countries in the EU.”

“I’m sure that Albania will open accession talks in June and I’m also sure that there will be a fruitful cooperation between our parliament and the French parliament”, Balla said.

The French MPs say that the scope of their visit is not only to discuss issues of EU integration, but also to strengthen cooperation between France and Albania. They have stressed the importance of cooperation in different areas such as tourism, construction, transport and education.

Meanwhile, the French delegation considered the reform in the Albanian justice system as extraordinary.
Asked by reporters if the opposition’s decision to boycott parliament will make the accession talks more difficult, MP

Maire said that “during our meetings in Albania we’ve also had meetings with the government and opposition. We understand the position of each political party. For the time being, we would not like to interfere in this domestic political debate, but I think that public’s consensus is also needed for big decisions here in Albania. We have also taken into account the efforts that the government is making for the reform in justice. This reform is extraordinary.

There’s a need for functional institutions. I believe that Albanians will find a solution for this”.


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