Medical expert urges people to wear masks

The spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the past few weeks and the rise in the number of deaths has made the wearing of masks into a necessity. Senior medical expert, Skender Brataj, said in a televised interview that now that public transport is back, the wearing of masks in closed spaces is a legal obligation.

“We are evaluating all those activities that pose a danger and at the moment, we believe that public transport and night clubs are high risk”, the top medical experts said.

Meanwhile, Brataj said that if people start to comply with the measures in place and observe social distancing, then within a short period of time the number of infections will drop significantly.

In spite of the spike in numbers, Brataj says that so far, there are no plans to renew lockdown.

Since the start of the pandemic, Albania has registered 3371 confirmed cases and 89 deaths caused by Covid-19. TemA


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