Myslim Murrizi: The SP will not dismiss Meta, a handful of militants are calling him a savior

Parliament will discuss tomorrow at the plenary session a resolution on the decree of the President of the Republic, which defines June 30th as the date for the development of local government elections in Albania.

The resolution may follow with the request for dismissal of Ilir Meta as President of the Republic, which should be voted on by 2/3 of the Assembly of Albania.

There are pro and cons stances about this issue.

To talk about this and other issues related to the political actuality MP Myslym Murizi was the invited today in Top Talk.

A few minutes after Meta signed a decree that annulled the date of election as June 30th, SP gathered its presidency from where the starting of procedures for dismissing President Meta for violating the Constitution was announced.

But for the opposition MP, Mysli Murrizi, SP will not dismiss Meta, because he is the product of this majority, but also because what will be discussed in the Assembly this Thursday is not Meta’s dismissal.

“At the meeting of the mayors’ conference there is no resolution to dismiss Ilir Meta.

Tomorrow’s draft resolution does not need a qualified majority.

It passes by simple majority; it does not require 93 votes tomorrow.

There are some steps to go to the 2/3 vote.

I believe they will not dismiss him.

This president is the output of this majority, without any vote from the other political side, though a handful of militants who cheer before the Parliament seeking to return in the administration, call him a great victory, a savior,” said Murrizi.



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