North Macedonia celebrates 28th anniversary of Independence

North Macedonia marks the 28th anniversary of its Independence from the former Yugoslav federation. Independence was declared following a referendum that was held at the time.

Ethnic Albanians boycotted the referendum, as they requested autonomy and they were unhappy with the rights that the new Constitution gave them.

The referendum was preceded by the Declaration for Independence, which was ratified by the first pluralist parliament in the country on 25 January 1991.

Ten years later, the country’s Constitution was amended following the 2001 conflict and the endorsement of the Ohrid Agreement.

The country emitted its own currency on 26 April 1992 and on August 18, it created its own army.

The international and legal subjectivity of the country was confirmed on 8 April 1993 with the admission of Macedonia as the 181st member of the UN. However, the country’s accession in the UN was made under the temporary reference, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as Greece contested its constitutional name. Last year, the two countries agreed for Macedonia to be renamed as North Macedonia and this gave way to the country’s accession in the NATO and EU. TemA


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