Number of tourists up at the start of the year

2020 has marked a good start for tourism in Albania. The number of Albanian and foreign nationals who entered the Albanian territory in January 2020 was 693,956. Compared to January 2019, this number was up by 20.9%, INSTAT reports.

According to INSTAT, around 249,461 foreign nationals visited Albania in January, up 19% on the same period last year. Tourism continues to be dominated by visitors from neighboring countries, but also from EU countries.

In January 2020, the number of Poles visiting the country was up by 38.9%; while the number of Swiss nationals has seen the most significant decrease of  1.2% compared to January 2019.

In absolute terms, the highest increase was recorded by citizens of Kosovo, who make up 31% of total arrivals. Greek nationals come second with around 39 thousand visitors or 15.5% of the total.

Citizens from North Macedonia accounted for 15.2% of total arrivals in January, or around 38,000.TemA


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