Opposition leader meets American Chamber of Commerce representatives

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha held a meeting today with representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce.

“Today I had the pleasure to welcome the representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board Mr. Enio Jaco, Attaché of the Section for Political & Economic Affairs at the US Embassy Mr. Alex MacFarlane, Secretary of the Board Mr. Reshard Këlliçi and Board Member Mrs. Eni Xheko. The economic crisis and the need to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment which is directly related to employment in particular were the main topics of the discussion”, wrote Basha on a Facebook post after the meeting.

He said that the fight against monopolies and the unfair treatment of investors in Albania, the fight against corruption and clientelism and the rule of law, are some of the vital challenges the country and the economy are facing.

Basha said that the meeting also discussed the effects of Covid-19 on the Albanian economy.


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