Opposition: Price of fuel is the highest in the region

Former MP of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Perparim Spahiu declared today that the failure of the government to fight tax evasion, the fact that businesses are unable to pay taxes and the fact that the administration is corrupt, have forced the government into proposing a fresh tax hike on fuel.

According to the opposition MP, the government is ignoring parliament, which is the only institution that can increase or decrease taxes. SMI’s MP also said that price of fuel in Albania is the highest in the region.

Meanwhile, Spahiu also commented the report released by the European Commission on Albania’s economic reforms. He said that the report states that taxes are being collected below potential, the level of public debt is high, level of competitiveness is low and unemployment amongst youngsters is high.

“This failed model is the reason why this government must be toppled, because it generates nothing else besides poverty”, he said. TemA


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